About Us

Welcome to Glamour Manor! We invite you to step inside and experience our upscale and beautiful collection of faux and fine jewelry as well as accessories. Our guests feel elegant and chic when they enter the Glamour Manor home and shop with us. 

Raised in the heart of New York City and Palm Beach as a born fashionista, Founder Nicole always remembers listening to the wonderful stories of her Maternal Grandmother Sandra who spent her summers with her large family, which included her Parents, Sister, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and many Cousins in their home in Upstate, NY. All the female cousins were always pampering and putting on makeup, giving each other manicures, styling and coloring each other’s hair, designing and sewing their own clothes and planning all their accessories together for their outfits as they were getting ready for big family dinners as well as going out with their friends. They would always have a ball as they got glamourized together! They nicknamed their summer home “GLAMOUR MANOR”. Nicole is so thrilled to share this story with you as she launches the Glamour Manor website in honor of the fabulous and glamorous mentors that she has in her life. They are her beautiful Mother Bonnie who has been a designer of beautiful clothing, jewelry and accessories and continues to be her biggest inspiration and role model everyday and her beautiful Grandmothers, Sandra and Marilyn, who all continue to be New York, Hamptons and Palm Beach style icons. Nicole invites you to be apart of her Glamorous Family and enter the amazing private shopping world of Glamour Manor. 

"Glamour is timeless"
"Glamour knows no bounds"
"Glamour is available to everyone from all walks of life"
"Glamour transcends the generations" 
"Glamour makes everyone feel like a movie star"


As Hollywood Costume Designer Edith Head once said, "You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it."

After graduating college, Nicole continued her education at the School of Style in LA and NYC becoming a Fashion and Jewelry stylist who thrived on finding the most amazing pieces throughout her extensive travels which have included many trips to Paris and the South Of France, Italy, Israel, and Greece. Nicole remembers the feeling of excitement and joy when peeking into her Mother’s and Grandmothers closets filled with cocktail dresses, fabulous gowns, amazing accessories and boxes filled with the most beautiful, sparkling and glittering jewels. She believes every woman deserves to experience this wonder, and with that Glamour Manor has come to life for all women to take part in the joy of being glamorous! Glamour is available to all who embrace it!   

By enjoying the Glamour Manor shopping experience, we will give you the ability to bring elegance, glamour and beauty to any outfit for any occasion or event. By taking a simple black dress that you may have and pairing it with the perfect accessory, you can glamourize it and it can take you from day into evening and even the most seasoned fashionista would be impressed. We can achieve this and much more!  We know every woman shines from the inside out. Glamour Manor provides personal shopping services via our concierge and styling departments.

Let the Glamour Manor team help and guide you to look your best for all occasions in life, such as weddings, events, special celebrations, a night out on the town with friends, date night, business and travel needs and much more. 

Again we are so happy to share the world of Glamour Manor with you and we hope you enjoy and have fun shopping our carefully handpicked collection of faux and fine jewelry as well as accessories and allow Glamour Manor to carry you from one glamorous adventure to the next in style and elegance. Remember ladies there is a superstar in all of us! Have fun! 


With Glam and Kisses,